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How Research Infrastructures can take advantage of interoperable VRE building blocks

Well, it’s weird: I’m at the same time proud and shy about the video we released in the framework of VRE4EIC project.

It was funny: I had just landed at Schipol airport and then rushed to TUDelft university… and I found myself at the New Media Center in front of a camera, in a soundproof studio with a bright-green background, just a few people watching (or staring at? :)) me behind the soundproof glass and I had to start talking with my south European English accent (that’s the embarrassing part :))

Well, I think I realized how fishes feel in their fish-bowls!

By the way, the people from the studio were great and patient, and they explained clearly how it would work. So we just had to leverage on the huge work we did previously, that is to say the preparation of the video – lecture.

The topic of the videos is How research Infrastructures can take advantage of interoperable VRE building blocks.

In the first part I explained what research infrastructures are, what distributed research infrastructures can provide to users, and what is their governmental and technical organisation. Real examples were be done by discussing the EPOS use case.

In the second part the focus was on how interoperable building blocks developed in the framework of VRE4EIC can be used to enhance Functionalities of Research Infrastructures. An example was be illustrated by discussing and analysing the EPOS use case.



I hope you enjoy the two videos.

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Il solista – categoria “film edificanti”

Qualche tempo fa avevo l’abitudine di andare in videoteca – una di quelle poche a Roma sopravvissute allo streaming – e chiedere consigli al videotecaro. Spesso capitava di trovare negozianti appassionati, prodighi di consigli.

Il problemone era comunicargli cosa stavo cercando.
Thrieller….mhmm… sì, ma che non mandassero in paranoia.


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Paolo Fresu – Paparazzi

Paolo FRESU – PAPARAZZI – Voglia d’estate

Il mare… una passeggiata in montagna… tuffo nell’acqua limpida… conoscere gente… le vampate di aria calda profumata di pino quando apri il finestrino… l’odore del sale addosso… la stanchezza infinita in cima alla vetta…



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