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FIXED: Logic Pro X + Mojave + Axiom Air mini 32 doesn’t work

If you got here, you are probably one of those who just purchased an Axiom Air Mini 32 midi keyboard controller, plugged it in, and tried to have some fun with Logic Pro X.
And… surprise… IT DOESN’T WORK!


No worries.
I’ve a solution.
And I’ll give it to you.
If you want to read it right now, just scroll down.

First, let’s try to understand the causes. I went through many posts reporting the same problem.
It seems that with latest Macosx update to Mojave, something has changed with the way USB 3 is managed.
In case you want additional details… go to these posts.

Potential solutions (didn’t work for me)

Many posts suggest to solve the issue with software fixes.
First by downloading e installing Hypercontrol drivers. (also here
Secondly by checking the controller is actually sending data, for sintance by using Audio Midi Setup (by default on Macosx, just start typing “midi”) on Spotlight.
Thirdly, by working with the control surfaces in Logic…
But these didn’t work (for me), because it’s an hardware problem.

Final working Fix

The solution is simple, and was proposed in a post I can’t find now (if you have the original post, send me a message and I’ll be happy to give credits):
Do not connect Midi Keyboard straight to the USB port, but go through a USB hub, possibly a USB2 hub.

The picture below shows the working setup

As simple as this. A nice workaround… that makes eventually the whole thing work!

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