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Communication and Dissemination for European Projects (#1)

Communication is often considered a structural pillar in several domains.
Of course commercial domain makes wide use of any kind of communication “tool” (e.g. social networks, communication techniques as “story telling”, or the old well-known commercial ads) in order to engage users and – in the end – increase profit.
However the importance of Communication has been recognised as relevant also in the field of science, and in particular of the Science Projects funded by the European Community.

Documents like Communicating EU research and innovation: guidance for project participants demonstrate how serious this issue has been taken by the EU.

In addition, almost all EU projects I’ve come across, include a Communication Working Package.

This issue – or better this challenge – needs at least two ingredients to be properly tackled:

  1. a good Communication Plan
  2. the know how and technical tools which are, in the end, the substance of the communication itself. They include all the technical tools (e.g. teleconferencing tools) and best practices which must be used to carry on an effective communication based on the communication plan.

In this post I’ll deal with the second aspect, reporting the experience we had in the context of the EPOS european project and providing some thoughts, guidelines and – most importantly – our experience about the creation of  all the tools we needed to set up an efficient communication.

We called it Communication & Management Toolkit. 


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